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YearRound - 5.0% ABV

Cream Ales are true American styled brews. Mimicking European light lagers, the Cream Ale is brewed utilizing the top fermenting Ale yeast resulting in a more complex flavor and nose. Cream ales traditionally are brewed with a blend of malted barley and corn grits for a light body and golden straw color. A very slight hop presence helps round out this simple but refreshing beer.

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Did you know:

  • Since 1997 the Milwaukee Ale House has brewed full-bodied ales and lagers.
  • Ale House has always brewed its ales for taste not style. Unfiltered for absolute full flavor.
  • We use all malt, natural ingredients in our small-batch brewing process.
  • Small batch, hand made recipes insure freshness - a good thing for beer.

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