Boomer Nation

Saturday, May 24, 2014 - 9:30pm -
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Milwaukee location

Cross the border into Boomer Nation where there is no need to pay taxes or serve in any capacity. Just show up, celebrate your independence, and exercise your freedom to rock! Boomer Nation is unified by one common platform: party and have a good time! The Nation is governed by five veteran musicians from its capitol city of Milwaukee. After being part of numerous other causes, they have now banded together as Boomer Nation in order to serve its citizenry. Drawing on their extensive musical backgrounds, the members of Boomer Nation strike the perfect balance between polished renditions and high energy, improvised versions of Classic Rock songs that live audiences have come to love. Jim Boettcher, on lead vocals and harmonica, is our Speaker of the House. Jim’s wide ranging vocals and engaging personality combine to preside over the festivities and call our meetings to order. Jeff Crockatt plays lead and rhythm guitar along with backing vocals. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Jeff musters a strong defense of artistic freedom with searing, improvisational guitar solos performed within the framework of each original composition. Dan DeDecker plays lead and rhythm guitars and offers additional lead and backing vocals. As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Dan adheres to the “original intent” of the Classic Rock artist by interpreting the guitar notes and tones right down to the letter of the law. Jimmy Boettcher on drums provides the pulse and fuel for the band. As head of the Department of Energy, his hardworking, metronomic style ensures that the band will never run out of gas. Jim Wall, our nation’s bassist, heads the Department of Transportation, bridging the guitars to the rhythm section. Along with backing vocal contributions, his throttling bass lines motor down Boomer Nation’s roads and highways to round out the band’s sound and infrastructure. The chemistry between these accomplished founding fathers has quickly developed into a powerhouse act that you will not want to miss. Whether for clubs, festivals or private parties, Boomer Nation is the choice of discerning voters. Each member has taken a solemn oath, pledging to “ask not what their nation can do for them, but what they can do for their nation.” Boomer Nation, after all, stands for an equal opportunity where Boomers, as well as Gen-X, Y and Z share the same creed: “…give me Classic Rock or give me…”

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