Before I ever brewed beer for a living, before I ever even homebrewed, you could find me in the back of a local beer bar trying to catch a bit of light to scrawl down tasting notes under. I had a set of homemade beer journals gifted to me for my a birthday filled with the ramblings of my beer geekery. My passion was trying new beers, picking out all of the subtle nuisances within them and attempting to describe them in a way that I would be able to remember every second of that gastronomic experience. The stories behind beers and breweries were just as consumable to me as the liquid itself. Researching the genesis behind the magic I was finding in each glass or bottle or can, I was discovering every detail that made that beer what it was. I found myself enthralled with everything from the usage of new and exciting ingredients to the inspiring startups of some of these amazing breweries. I was becoming a fan of breweries in the way someone may follow an athletic team or musician. This passion for consuming a liquid and a culture led to my decision to homebrew and inevitably to change the path of my life completely and step into the world of professional brewing.
Myself and the majority my peers in the brewing industry share this same background story. We invest our passion and drive into the breweries we work for and the beers that we produce. But without the inspiration of others before us and around us, we would cease to be an ever evolving industry and culture. It’s that push to reinvent or reimagine the styles, ingredients, techniques and flavors in the beers produced by our peers that keeps us moving forward and discovering new things in brewing that have never been done before. Weekly on Fridays after work, myself and my coworkers at Milwaukee Brewing Company bring in new beers from other breweries to sample and discuss. It’s not so much a market research meeting alone as it is an opportunity for us to bond over new flavors and brainstorm new ideas. Like any other brewery we love the beer we make and we take enormous pride in what we present to our customers, but we also love what our friends in the craft beer scene our doing as well.
This love of the craft beer scene and what is coming out of it lead to the idea of us sharing with you, our customer, the beers that get us excited. Walking into the Milwaukee Ale House, you will find all of Milwaukee Brewing Company’s offerings on draft and in package. Often times beers that you will only find available here. But you will also now find a new 3 door glass cooler filled with American craft beer bottles and cans. These beers and the breweries represented are the favorites among our brewing staff and have earned this cooler the title of “The Brewers’ Fridge”. These will change often with seasonality and the availability of rarities. We hope you find the same joy and inspiration in our beers and the beers of our friends that we do. Cheers!

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